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How do you know what you can’t hear?

The thing about age-related hearing loss is, it creeps up on us all. It tends not to happen suddenly. Year by year our hearing declines a weeny bit and it’s so gradual we just don’t notice.

That’s a problem, because we don’t know what we are not hearing. Sure, we can hear things .. the doorbell, the dog barking .. but we are sweetly oblivious to what we can’t hear. (Eyesight is different, by the way, it’s obvious when something is blurred.)

A professional hearing test is the only way to find out what you’re missing. The great news is, it’s completely free and you can book your most convenient appointment time online right now regardless of whether the practice is open now or not.

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Book a hearing health test

A comprehensive hearing test is the only way to know and it's free!

3 common signs of hearing loss

Do you do these?

  • Turn up the TV
  • At key emotional moments or at exciting endings to TV dramas, you turn to your partner to ask “what did she say?”
  • Watch TV with the subtitles on
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The family challenge

ask your family “do you think I am losing my hearing?”

They know what you can’t hear.

Often we will be testing a gentleman who’s come in for a hearing test. He’ll say “they’ve sent me, they think I’m deaf but I’m perfectly fine”. We call in his partner from the waiting room and she’ll say “you’re not hearing me, love”.

Stay in touch

Make it easy for yourself

You don’t have to struggle to hear. You can enjoy every punchline and be just as quick-witted as ever.

If you are easy company, you’ll always be invited.

A complete hearing care service

We are here to help, but of course you have to make the first move and book your appointment. (We may be able to come to see you if that’s best.)

Book a hearing health test

A comprehensive hearing test is the only way to know and it's free!

An easier life

We all mis-hear from time to time. We’ve all nodded and and smiled when someone told us something sad.

We’ll give you the best chance of keeping up, and that makes it easier for everyone.

Funny cartoon: manager at door about to introduce scientist who has spent 5 years building an incredible cyborg, scientist is behind door with hammer and tacks, and a sideboard
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Staying mentally well

Hearing stimulates your brain, keeps it interested. Our minds are connection machines, they make connections all the time and your hearing is a very important ‘input’. Healthy hearing is like a steady walk for your thoughts .. it’s good for your mental health.

This is a real quality-of-life issue as we get older.

(People who have been deaf from birth have a very strong community and their own language which is full of humour and in-jokes and so there isn’t the same sense of loss.)

Stay bright and on top of your game

Here’s the good part: 90% of the time, we can help with hearing problems.

Often, here in the practice we are blessed to witness when we first fit someone with a hearing aid and their eyes light up and their jaw drops and the tears well up:

“I didn’t know how much I was missing”.

It turns out, many of the issues we associate with older age, loneliness and losing mental acuity are often more to do with hearing loss, and not an inevitable consequence of growing older. The great news is, we can usually get you back on track.


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Hearing sorted, ready for anything

A groups of older friends giggle over coffee

Imagine .. you’re in flow in the moment, enjoying conversations, fully involved with your family and friends, quick witted and sharp.

Maturity brings opportunities .. maybe you’re lined up to be chair of the community centre, golf club or gardening association. Your hearing could be the deciding factor.

Making things easier

"If people knew the difference hearing aids could make to their life, there would be queues out of the door. I've been doing this long enough to have seen niggly relationships turn loving again just because it's easier to talk to one another. It's the emotional side I love." Joe Tomlinson, Audiologist, Pagan & McQuade Hearing Care
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New to Scarborough, AI-powered Audibel hearing aids from Starkey

Pagan & McQuade Hearing Care has brought to Scarborough for the first time a new range of innovative hearing aids from a very well respected brand, Audibel that uses state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence (AI) to give you the best hearing solution for your situation .. watch the video to see how that works.

“I love their ethos .. I toured their factory in 2012 and the team had all been there ten or twenty years, and now .. I’m still talking to the same people.”

Joe Tomlinson, Audiologist, Pagan & McQuade Hearing Care

Watch this video to see how AI can help you all day every day

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Do this today

If you think you may have hearing loss, what do you think caused it?

There is natural decline due to age, so perhaps it’s just that, but a common cause of hearing loss is listening to music that’s too loud, for too long when you’re young.

Hearing damage can either happen in an instant, one loud noise, one concert, or your hearing can be ground down over the years, like wear and tear.

So do this today: tell the young ones in your family what caused your hearing loss. They probably don’t know how you got yours, and maybe you can help them not to lose theirs.

How much do hearing aids cost?

If you’ve read this far, you are probably wondering about your own hearing loss. Or maybe you are reading because you think someone in your family needs a hearing aid. But in the back of your mind is the question “why are hearing aids so expensive” and it stops you, because you’ve heard some horror stories about them being the price of a small car (not true) and so you’re thinking “my hearing’s got to get pretty bad before I pay that much for something so small”.

They don’t cost that much, let’s put that to rest. The situation is like toothache, at some point the pain is enough for you to go to the dentist. So at some point, the cost of mounting losses in your social life, relationships and social standing will be greater than the cost of the hearing aid. Our message is: get in ahead of things and we can help you stay connected with friends, family, work and hobbies.

Usually, a ‘moment’ triggers an appointment. A family argument that was just a misunderstanding because of mis-hearing. Or the neighbour complaining about how loud your TV is. Or something unrelated happens and you decide to sort out a few things, make a new start, and your hearing is on the list.

The good news is that because hearing aids are technology products, prices keep coming down. You may be pleasantly surprised. (Of course, yes they do cost, and we offer interest free credit too if you want it.)

Audiologists are here to help people and if price is in the way, that’s troubling, so we always try to do the best we can for everyone. The reason they cost more than, say, a pair of glasses is that there’s constant technical innovation in hearing aids that drives the products as they compete in the market. It’s a very similar situation to mobile phone development with new features being introduced all the time.

The way to approach this is to think about the ‘cost’ to you of missing out on important parts of your life. With improved hearing, you may spend less time on misunderstandings and frustrations with those you love the most. The likely result is that more good things will happen.

Even better, the hearing test is free, and it’s a thorough 90 minutes.  If you are curious, we can put a camera into your ear so you can see for yourself, and (unusually) we have a tinnometer so we can test for tinnitus. We can also tell you whether your earwax is impacting your hearing (even if your ears aren’t blocked).

Nothing we say on this page compares to you seeing your hearing test results graph and knowing exactly how bad or good your hearing is.

And more good news .. many people have hearing concerns but are actually fine. So hopefully we can set your mind at rest.

So just book in for your free hearing test now, you really can’t lose.

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Remember, lots of things we think of as unavoidable parts of getting older, are actually entirely avoidable. A hearing aid can make you feel young again. That’s what it feels like.

Re-connect with your family (or at least .. the parts of it you want to). Rejuvenate your friendships. Rise in influence at the club. Be listened to because you listen.

That’s worth having.

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* Tinnitus often presents as ringing or swooshing noises in one or both ears, typically most troublesome at night.

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