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Hello there

I’m Joe Tomlinson, and I’m the audiologist here at Pagan & McQuade Hearing Care in Scarborough.

As independent hearing practioners we are thriving with the support of the people of Scarborough, by word of mouth recommendations that come from outstanding customer care.

Pagan & McQuade Opticians was established in Scarborough in 1988 on those  principles of exceptional customer service and so we are very pleased to be growing our new hearing  practice in Scarborough in such a supportive environment and it’s great to be back in Scarborough where I grew up.

Hearing loss can sometimes be hard to accept and so we treat everyone with the utmost care and understanding from the start. If your hearing test shows that you would benefit from a hearing aid, we will make every effort to choose and calibrate the very best solution for your individual needs whilst working within your budget and we will take all the time you need.

The hearing team

There are two of us here. I’ve worked in audiology for almost a decade, I’m fully qualified and registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and I’m assisted by Ashleigh Cappleman our hearing care professional.

We are supported by the innovative hearing aid suppliers Starkey with their exclusive Audibel brand and by Pagan & McQuade’s team and their commitment to excellence in customer service.

I toured the Starkey factory in 2012 and it stood out to me then that many of their people had worked there for ten or twenty years. Now, when I call the company to discuss client solutions I find I’m still talking to the same, experienced team of people. That really feels special.

Why us?

Of course, a range of hearing aids are available for free through the NHS, so you may be advised by some well-meaning friends to go that route. However, the existence of a vibrant world of paid-for hearing aid products in almost every UK town and city should tell you that the technically superior hearing aids available from independent practitioners, particularly the ability to fine-tune your solution, is proving worth the investment for many hundreds of  thousands of hard-of-hearing clients throughout the UK. None of the hearing aids we provide are available through the Scarborough and Ryedale NHS Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).

If tinnitus is an issue for you, we can also provide tinnitus therapy. (Tinnitus, just to be clear, is a more or less constant whooshing or humming or whining sound some people hear when actually the room is silent).

Book your hearing test today

The only way for you to experience our commitment to customer service is for you to book an appointment and come to visit us.

For your convenience, you can book your hearing test online at any time, whether the hearing clinic is open or not. You will be offered a choice of dates and times and can simply pick whichever one is most convenient to you. That’s sometimes easier for hearing clients than calling as you can see your full range of options.

If you choose to phone, which you are most welcome to do, any member of the Pagan & McQuade team will be delighted to find you a convenient appointment.

Of course you are always welcome to call in to the practice during our opening hours, you’ll find us opposite the Brunswick Centre on Westborough in the centre of Scarborough.

I look forward to seeing you soon

Best regards
Joseph Tomlinson BSc (Hons), MSHAA, HAD
Hearing Aid Audiologist

Joe Tomlinson, Hearing Aid Audiologist, Pagan & McQuade Hearing Care

Joe Tomlinson, Hearing Aid Audiologist, Pagan & McQuade Hearing Care

Joe Tomlinson, Hearing Aid Audiologist, Pagan & McQuade Hearing Care

Ashleigh Cappleman, Hearing Care Professional, Pagan & McQuade Hearing Care

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