"Now I can hear better I'm back to my former glory"

"My friends are going to be so surprised!"
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Today is a feel younger day

First, an apology. Our hearing tests are comprehensive and can take up to 90 minutes so do prepare your partner if they would like to attend with you (they are invited, we recommend it).

 That also means we are limited to a maximum of four or five hearing tests per day at the moment. As a consequence, you may find there’s a waiting list before you can get a convenient hearing test appointment.

We love the fact that word is getting around and it’s good to know that we are making a difference.

There is one thankfully rare circumstance where you should not wait, and urgency is key. If you have a sudden change to your hearing, ACT FAST. A virus or cold in your inner ear can lead to permanent loss of hearing. You need to see an Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT) specialist quickly. By all means call us if you’re not sure. Speed and specialist care from an ENT department can sometimes save your hearing in this case.

Here’s a link to NHS 111

Woman having ear examined by doctor
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Hearing connects us

What matters is, if we can fix your hearing loss, your partner will no longer be working hard to get through to you, so you become closer. You won’t miss the sarcastic and funny comments from your kids, so you get to know them better. You’ll easily follow a film or TV series without missing key plot twists or needing scenes to be explained. You’ll enjoy your nights out more because you’re not sidelined, you’ll be back on point, in with the jokes.

Hearing matters. It connects us. Listening and engaging keeps us together, keeps our brain active and helps us stay youthful. Still in the game.

The detail of audiology doesn’t matter. The only thing that really matters is how it improves your life, your family and your connections with your friends.

Hearing is important.

A hearing aid is just a tool to help you live the life you want

You’ll have noticed we talk a lot about age-related hearing loss. As we get older, hearing loss creeps up on us gradually so we don’t notice. Of course, even teenagers can damage their hearing so we are not excluding anyone, but we normally work with mature people who often protest they can hear perfectly well while missing key bits of conversations and turning their TV up so loud that even their neighbours can follow the dialogue.

No-one wants a hearing aid, we do understand. Next to each person who dreams of owning a Ferrari one day, there isn’t another person who dreams of  owning his own hearing aids.

Hearing aids are just tools to help you live your life. Most of the time if you have hearing loss we can give you back much of your hearing and … it doesn’t matter.

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Here’s what to do next

 If you are curious about your hearing and think you might have some hearing loss, come in for a hearing test. It’s completely free, takes about 90 minutes, and we’ll check both ears (of course) for a range of sound frequencies, and then we’ll show you your results as a graph. If you’re fine then we can celebrate. If you need hearing aids, of course we have everything you could wish for from the highly respected brand Audibel and we can demonstrate the difference hearing aids can make.

Here’s what a hearing aid feels like

If it turns out you do need a hearing aid, remember .. we’ll individually fit your hearing aid. We see the difference it makes to people when they are first fitted with their custom hearing aid. Yes, sometimes there are tears of joy. The world opens up again for people. They may have thought they were just getting old and that isolation and feeling lonely was inevitable. They can hear birdsong again.

Hearing aids are small, so, eventually the box goes in their pocket or handbag and then off into a world full of possibilities. 

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Middle aged couple watching TV

At home, they hook up their hearing aid to the TV using Bluetooth. Many people have two TVs in their home, one for them and one for their partner. The whole reason they went for a hearing test in the first place was that their partner couldn’t hear their own TV over the volume of the other TV in the adjacent room. So now, their TV is silent to anyone else, but beautifully clear and loud enough to them through their hearing aid. Happy days.

The phone rings .. that conversation comes through to the hearing aid as well. So now, they can have a decent conversation with their kids or golf buddies without missing half of what they say.

And later at the club. Conversations are easier. Funnier. More relaxed. Closer.

Life at home gets easier. Less frustrating. Being able to hear is a gift. People often say to us they didn’t realise how much their hearing loss impacted on their life in all sorts of ways. They initially denied their hearing loss .. because you can’t hear what you can’t hear. You can’t know. And the burden of your hearing loss is felt by everyone else in your life .. all the people you care about.


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Joe Tomlinson, Hearing Aid Audiologist, Pagan & McQuade Hearing Care

Joe Tomlinson, Hearing Aid Audiologist, Pagan & McQuade Hearing Care

Ashleigh Cappleman, Hearing Care Professional, Pagan & McQuade Hearing Care

Ashleigh Cappleman, Hearing Care Professional, Pagan & McQuade Hearing Care

What to do about hearing loss

If you’ve read these articles, you know the impact hearing loss can have on your life. We’ve even covered a bit of the physics of sound. You know we offer a free hearing test and it may turn out that you’re fine and that’s great: to your critics, you can answer “no, my hearing is fine thank you”.

But if you would benefit from a hearing aid then we have everything you need, we’ll walk you through it, step by step and we’ll support you all the way. You now know we supply leading edge, high tech hearing aids. You even know that, like all technology products, the price of hearing aids have gradually been coming down even while they have been getting more capable.


There’s nothing much else we can tell you unless you decide to come in for a hearing test. That’s where we can stop talking in generalities and start talking about you.

So book in for your free hearing test, and we’ll see you soon.

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